Who We Are

You found us! We’ve been waiting for you …

From the grass in your front yard to the shingles on your roof, it’s our business. We offer all-encompassing services to tie together every home and landscape need.

A reputable and reliable company since 1978, we understand the demands of our climate and the needs of our clientele (that’s you).

Here at ProGrass, the word 'sustainable' simply means 'common sense.' We incorporate our philosophy of natural solutions for a healthy landscape into everything we do. We're a local company – not a franchise – so our local roots give us the freedom to offer the best solutions. From using organic fertilizers that enhance soil quality to designing and building outdoor living spaces that are both water-efficient and beautiful, we create a healthy ecosystem right in your backyard.

ProGrass has been a leader in creating sustainable landscapes. As a company with local owners who have horticultural and agricultural backgrounds, we've always worked with nature, not against it.

In 2006, ProGrass introduced our Natural Selections family of services, bringing sustainability into every aspect of our business. Our exclusive NaturalCare programs are designed to improve soil quality and plant health, to create a healthy ecosystem right in your own backyard.

We strive to do what's right for our clients, our community and our environment.

ProGrass is a full-service horticultural firm offering landscaping, lawn care and landscape maintenance and repair in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, Washington metro area, Eugene, Salem, the greater Seattle Metro and San Francisco East Bay area. We are proud to be locally owned and operated, and we feel this sets us apart.

We strongly believe that thorough training and continuing education for our employees benefits both our customers and our company as a whole. ProGrass strives to be a horticultural resource; educating our community about healthy landscape practices at the same time we're creating beautiful outdoor living spaces. 

ProGrass started with the goal of providing superior residential lawn care. Since then, we've grown into one of the largest full-service, independent horticultural service companies in the United States. Still under the same ownership today, we're proud to remain local in an industry that has seen most firms consolidated by national or franchise companies.

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Our Pledge

ProGrass customers are exceptional people, with a desire to nurture the trees, flowers and lawns that make the world a more beautiful place. They respect the environment and value the expertise we have to offer. We pledge to treat them right through our commitment to customer service, customer care and customer contact.

We make decisions and measure our results by our internal mantra: Do what's right. It matters.