Fences & Decks

Decks and fences will eventually wear out. Wind, rain, snow and sun will over time turn your deck and fence into firewood. As wood ages, it will break down and become dangerous. Don't wait until Uncle Joe falls through the deck or your fence tips over into your hot tub when you are taking a soak. Replacement should be a thoughtfully created plan rather than an emergency. Let ProGrass look at your situation and come up with some good ideas and a plan for you. Replacement does not happen often so make it count. Don't just go with flat and simple. Adding fun features will not add as much cost as you think to the project. As we work with you, we always try to include the use and interests that define your life style. 

When we develop an outdoor wood work plan we will incorporate things like traffic patterns, outdoor activities, time of day usage, views you would like to preserve (and those you don't) and how you entertain. We can then incorporate additional features like:


After we come up with a layout and plan, we can help you with material selection. Most people only consider traditional cedar. While cedar is a great choice, there are several mill styles and quality levels that should be considered. Other deck material choices include ironwood, mahogany and synthetics such as Trex*. Synthetics are great for those looking for low maintenance, especially if it is a high deck where access is difficult. Synthetic materials are a bit more expensive but will pay off the additional cost in less than six years. All you need to do is hose them down now and then.


A fence does not need to be simple and ugly. With a little planning it can become a beautiful enhancement to your home and garden. Many styles are available and ornamental trim can finish off a project with flair. We can also incorporate trellises, benches, garden boxes and ornamental gateways. A properly installed fence with high quality fasteners can last up to 50% longer than average.

Click here to print/download our flyer about decks and fences.

* ProGrass is a certified Trex pro installer