One has only to look at California’s beautiful golden hills in the summer to realize the importance of water in our gardens. Most of us have installed in-ground sprinklers to water our yards. Some sprinkler systems are well designed, properly installed and maintained, and apply water evenly and efficiently, but most have weak areas resulting in over-or under-watering. Under-watered areas become drought stressed, causing plants to die and encouraging weeds. Other areas may get too much water, causing water-logged soil that weakens plants and provides a favorable environment for insects, diseases and weeds.

ProGrass offers a full array of irrigation services to help keep your landscape healthy and looking beautiful and at the same time conserve water.

Irrigation Repairs. Are you concerned about that annoying brown spot in your lawn that appears every summer, or that wet soggy spot near a sprinkler head that never seems to go away? Maybe your sprinklers don’t pop up like they use to. Does that sprinkler zone that waters your roses not come on at all? ProGrass can repair it all.

Irrigation Renovation. ProGrass can correct design deficiencies and modernize your sprinkler system. A renovated system will include modern, state-of-the art sprinkler heads, spaced so that your system will deliver even, head-to-head coverage. Your renovated system may also include a modern digital controller or a water-saving smart controller.