Lawn & Plant Care

photo of lawn and plant care


NaturalCare Lawn Treatment Program

NaturalCare is our exclusive proprietary blended family of products derived from decades of experience. They work far better than one-size-fits-all bagged fertilizers sold at “big box” stores. Our trained and licensed staff will apply our formulas as they recognize issues and properly treat to bring out the best in your lawn. Our complete lawn care program includes 8 visits per year and includes:

NaturalCare Tree and Shrub Program

The landscape is a hostile environment where plants struggle to survive in depleted soils while being attacked by insects and diseases. In the meantime, we expect perfect foliage and blooms.

The ProGrass NaturalCare Tree and Shrub Care Program includes 8 unique yearly treatments for trees and shrubs under 20 feet. We start from the ground up by providing proper soil amendments and nutrition to encourage healthy plants. If a pest problem arises, we will treat with safe and effective protective products. All treatments are provided by a trained and licensed plant health care service person and includes:

Landscape Weed Control

Weeding beds and gravel areas is a rotten job. Our Landscape Weed Control Program will greatly reduce the need for hand-weeding by providing weed barriers and spot treatments on a regular schedule. This 8-treatment program includes: