Custom-built cabinets from our own company cabinet shop, are made locally from solid woods like cherry, oak, alder, and maple. Our cabinets will have finished wood interiors as well, rather than the more commonly used white melamine particle board.

The advantage of having our own cabinet shop is that we can custom create any style with any wood or finish you desire. This allows us to customize every aspect of your kitchen. We don’t just order them from an assembly line like many other well-known remodelers.

Have questions about our custom-made cabinets or remodel services? We can help you find the right hardwood for the custom-built kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today to get started!

Cherry has beautiful swirling, non-porous grain that will naturally change to the warm reddish color it is known for. No need for staining this wood. In just a few months, it will mature to its natural beauty.

Oak is a very hard wood. Its grain is bold and distinct. An interesting variation is quarter-sawed that shows off inner flecks commonly seen in craftsman style furniture. Oak is a light color wood that will take almost any color stain and finish.

Maple is also a hardwood with light grain patterns and a smooth non-porous surface like cherry and alder. It can be stained but is often left as natural light color.

Alder is a beautiful hardwood choice for its ability to take staining well when a darker color is needed and shows a similar grain pattern as cherry.

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