As always, the long, dry days of summer have come and gone too fast. We are now in the transition to the shorter days of winter. As leaves begin to fall and the deciduous trees become bare, the landscape takes on a whole new look.

Well-pruned trees and shrubs have a beauty all their own, even after they drop their leaves. The proper structure of a Maple or Ash tree looks graceful and natural. Those who have seen the difference between the results of a hedge trimmer rounding a plant vs. a trained person selectively pruning out poorly developed limbs will understand. If your plants are dark, round balls, you may want to give us a call for an evaluation.

During the fall, we often put lighting and pruning in the same category. Why? Because they both accentuate the beauty of plant structure. During the bright, sunny days of summer, we often overlook plant structure due to dense foliage and intense sun. During our nine months of low-light, northern latitude days, darkness and gray skies become the norm. Because of this, no one needs lighting more than the people of the northwest! At the same time, the considerations PROGRASS puts into thinning a tree or shrub translate perfectly to the aesthetic purpose of lighting.

Lighting also serves another important purpose. Safety! It's easy to understand the fact that a well-lit home is less likely to be broken into than one under the cover of darkness. Also, on wet, dark evenings it's important to have well-lit pathways and steps. Call PROGRASS today for a free quote!

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