Your lawn has an infestation of Poa annua. This frustrating weed is a wild form of Kentucky Bluegrass. It will develop thousands of seeds each year that will blow from lawn-to-lawn and attempt to take over. These seed heads are most evident in the spring. Often as summer comes, the seed heads will disappear and you will not notice the plant as easily, but it is still there. While there are products that can control its spread, once it is established, nothing will eliminate it. The only way to keep it at bay is to begin treatment very early in your lawns life and continue on forever.

For basic control, it is best to keep the lawn cut a little tall, around 3 inches, (Poa hates that) and well-fertilized with no Phosphorus in the mix (Phosphorus will increase seeding). Also, yearly aeration and overseeding will keep the lawn thick which puts pressure on the spread of Poa. Unfortunately, these things will not get rid of it, only slow it down. If your lawn is over 50% Poa annua, you should consider removal and replacement with fresh sod. Just as you replace carpet, lawns need a fresh start as well.

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