Soon the holidays will be here and you will forget about it again. If you are the type that likes to get it all done at once, fall and winter are the best seasons to prune just about anything.

Instead, plan ahead and let us put together a pruning plan. Just a little investment now and then will keep things looking great and not cost an arm and a leg.


One of the most common questions I am asked involve how tall or large will a certain plant grow to? Most people think plants stop growing at some point; they don’t. All plants continue to grow and don’t stop until they die. So all trees, shrubs and ground covers need pruning at some point.

I spend a lot of time looking at trees and shrubs. I think poor pruning, which is more like chopping and rounding, bothers me the most. Most people and many landscape service people have no idea how or when to prune. Instead, they chop the tree or shrub back to a smaller size when they have a few minutes. It’s like if you were to skip a regular hair cut and just shave your head once a year. That would not be good! To get the best results it is best to spread the work over several seasons depending on the plant species and its needs. Often though, many people get busy and forget or just keep putting it off. If you are one of those, now is this time to get it done.

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