So, how do you care for your trees and shrubs before it’s too late?

The proper feeding, protective treatments and soil conditioners included in our ornamental tree and shrub care program will take care of all these things. The 8 yearly applications supply all the necessary nutrients and manage insect and disease infestations. Contact us for more information and a free landscape plant inspection today.


Other than your lawn, trees and shrubs have the highest visibility around your home and they deserve more attention, especially when pests are around. Did you know during an average season, over 20 pests can cause damage to your landscape plants? And, to actually remove and replace a simple 12-foot tree can cost around $700? Trees are worth protecting and will keep your yard looking fresh. New and healthy growth requires a constant flow of 18 different nutrients and organic components.

From my daily observations, all untreated trees and shrubs suffer from a lack of nutrients and some sort of pest damage. They need some help. In nature, plants grow in groups and benefit from the decomposing organic material. In neighborhoods, our sterile environments provide nothing but soil compaction and root competition because a landscape is not natural.

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