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NaturalCare by ProGrass

Our fertilizer treatments contain custom and locally blended liquid soil enhancements to keep your yard happy and healthy.

Moss loves shade and moisture! With rain falling nine months out of the year in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a constant battle. We will fight it for you.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have acidic soil. What does that mean to you? Acidic soil can’t absorb nutrients effectively and your lawn will not thrive. A Fall limestone application will fix that!

Broadleaf weeds are tough, aggressive plants that pounce on any weak areas on your lawn. Our trained technicians mix a custom weed control solution that is made just for your yard.

Insects and disease can destroy your lawn and even pose health risks to you. No one wants that! We treat year-round for your peace of mind.

I’ve had them fertilizing my lawns for a month now. They are easy to communicate with because they actually listen, and they are very attentive to customer concerns.

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